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jarrod spencer For those clients interested in working one-on-one directly with Dr. Jarrod Spencer, he only accepts clients through the Mind of the Athlete Coaching Program. This program consists of 7 customized one-on-one coaching sessions either in person or electronically.  Complimentary with this offering is the Mind of the Athlete Program, a 10-hour comprehensive video, audio, and worksheet curriculum for use between sessions. Each athlete is encouraged to work on the videos, worksheets, and CD content relevant to the topics discussed during thier sessions.  Each client wil also receive a copy of Dr. Spencer's book Mind of the Athlete.  The Mind of the Athlete Coaching Program also includes a Mind of the Athlete t-shirt, Clearer Mind Better Performance wristband, and Mind of the Athlete journal.

The Mind of the Athlete Coaching Program fee is $2,995.00.  Out of network health insurance may be applicable for a portion of this fee.

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