Sports are emotional. Yet, student athletes today have the worst rated emotional health in decades. This is a recipe for significant concerns. It is also an opportunity for tremendous education as well as gaining a competitive mental advantage. At Mind of the Athlete, we are passionate about improving the emotional health of athletes. With a clearer mind, athletes can have better performance.  Mind of the Athlete’s sports psychologist, author, and renowned speaker, Dr. Spencer, travels the country equipping athletes with psychological skills to thrive in today’s pressure cooker of sports. As a leading authority on the psychology of athletes, he teaches how an athlete’s mind works best. Dr. Spencer’s presentation style is a dynamic blend of information, entertainment, and inspiration. Because of his unique ability to connect with athletes, his speeches leave a lasting impression.  Dr. Spencer welcomes the opportunity to impact your athletic department too. A visit to your campus will include:

Athletic Administrators’ Exchange: During this hour-long discussion, the athletic director and other key administrators will investigate the overarching presence of sports psychology needs within their athletic departments. Together they will work to develop positive, proactive measures that help ensure the safety and well-being of the emotional health of the school’s athletes and coaches.

Mind of the Coach Roundtable: Coaches often express their greatest challenge is dealing with the emotionality of today’s athletes. This hour-long roundtable question and answer session is the antidote for this challenge. Taking place in a relaxed, private venue over dinner, Dr. Spencer will field questions and address concerns from coaches related to current, relevant sports psychology topics within their own teams. He provides coaches with sound knowledge, skills, and the resources needed to better manage the identified concerns.

Keynote Address: Preconscious - How the Mind of Today’s Athlete Works Best**
Dr. Spencer’s signature speech, “Preconscious,” teaches athletes and coaches how their mind works best. The preconscious mind is the key to high performance. Through the use of PowerPoint, videos, current research, interaction, and even magic, Dr. Spencer will both educate and entertain his audience towards a deeper understanding of the mind. Learning objectives for this speech include:
• Understanding how the mind works
• Learning the 5 steps to attaining a clearer preconscious mind
• Identifying the "5 Hurdles" that trip up most athletes
• Raising awareness on symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress
• Learning why alcohol and drugs negatively impact the mind
• Connecting with extensive free online sports psychology resources
• Explaining how to best utilize the Mind of the Athlete Program

Mind of the Athlete Program:
The Mind of the Athlete Program is an innovative 10+ hour video/audio/worksheet sports psychology curriculum. Contained on a unique flash drive, your school will have the license to share The Program’s content with everyone in your athletic department. The curriculum can easily be transferred onto a person’s computer or shared by a password protected school intranet site. This allows for quick access to all material during the many hours of travel to and from sporting events. 

Consultation Fee and Contact Information:
$2,500 (plus travel expenses). To discuss this offering, please contact Dr. Jarrod Spencer directly at drjarrod@mindoftheathlete.com.

**Dr. Jarrod Spencer provides the option for the speech topic to be changed.  Athletic departments can discuss with Dr. Spencer if they would prefer a different topic such as Sleep, Emotional Energy Management, etc.  


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