10 Signs of an Overbearing Sports Parent

June 25, 2014

1) In the stands, the parent cheers almost exclusively for their kid.

2) The parent's emotional temperament following a game is determined by their kid's athletic performance.

3) The parent can't contain their frustration during the car ride home and coaches the kid while he/she is emotionally drained.

4) The parent wants their kid to succeed more than the kid does.

5) Over 90% of the parent's communication with their kid is about performance in athletics or academics.

6) When the kid retires from sports, their relationship withers.

7) The kid excels in their sport because not doing so means a withdrawal of the parent's love, time, and affection.

8) The parent starts their kid early in a particular sport simply because they played it, not because the kid asked to play it. 

9) They can be involved, kind, and loving.  They just have a shadow side to their personality that we seldom see in public.

10) Their kid may thrive in athletics, but often struggle privately with autonomy issues, anxiety, and depression.