10 Signs You Are “That Dad”

February 04, 2015

We all say that we are not "That Dad", but then who really is?
           Here are a few defining traits of "That Dad":

1.  Your emotional state after a game is poor if your kid plays bad.
2.  On the car ride home, you can't help but 'coach' your kid.
3.  You're more into the same sport your kid plays than they are.
4.  Your wife has told you to calm down at a game.
5.  You compare yourself to worse dads & say you're not 'that bad'.
6.  You say your kid picked a sport (your's) on his/her own. Ironic.
7.  Your kid's teammates joke about your behaviors during games.
8.  Your kid's early success is truly because you pushed him/her.
9.  Your love and affection gets stifled if he/she plays poorly.
10.  90% of your communication with him/her is about the sport.

Bonus:  Your wife and kid think you're "that dad", but you deny it.