10 Things Parents Should Keep Doing

January 03, 2018

1.   Encourage resolution of conflicts with a coach by having their kid talk directly (face to face) with their coach.

2.  Wait to talk to their kid about their practice or game until after they've showered, changed, ate and rested.

3.  Develop a hobby (anything besides that sport) that they share together; actively talk about it and actually go and do it weekly.

4.  Collect their cell phone at 9 PM and keep it on a family charging station in the master bedroom.

5.  Highlight one positive technical aspect of every performance from which they can actively build their confidence.

6.  Keep it real when it comes to their athletic ability and expectations for playing more or at the next level.

7.  Turn experiences (good or bad) that happen in sports into teachable moments of life lessons that they can use forever.

8.  Value rest and recovery by actively making the athlete take more days off from training, especially with offseason clubs, trainers and travel teams.

9.  Ask "If there is anything from practice or the game that you'd like to share with me, I'd love to hear about it."

10. Include mental health/sports psychology as part of their kid's training.