Be A Scholar Athlete

October 24, 2013

Sports have a limited time window in your life. Academics don't.

It is important to value your education as much as athletics.

Here are 7 techniques to help you be a scholar athlete...

1.  Put your whole syllabus into your iCal on your phone.
2.  Listen to Danny Wright when you study.  It'll relax you.
3.  Get consistent sleep.  It improves memory consolidation.
4.  Bring your backpack with books everywhere. You never know when you'll get the chance to get some studying in.
5.  Review your notes while riding an exercise bike or elliptical. The higher brain waves will give you even greater focus.
6.  Develop a topic of mutual interest with each teacher. This connection causes both people to pull for the other's success.
7.  A properly hydrated brain works best. Drink more H20. 

The lessons you learn in the classroom are vital to succeed in life.

Be a scholar athlete!