Blinded by Narcissism

February 11, 2015

Sports today often breeds narcissism.

Inflated egos. Entitlement. Fragile self-esteem. Grandiosity.

A name on the jersey's back means more than the one on the front.

With so much focus on individual success in sports, there is an alarming decline in respect for the team, especially for coaches.

We're instilling values into kids today that diminish delayed gratification, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Narcissism creeps in.

Narcissism has a very dangerous characteristic: it blinds you to it.

Most people with narcissism don't feel that they have it.

Like a horse with blinders on, they can't see the whole picture.

If you are frustrated in sports, perhaps it is because you are blinded by your own narcissism.  Try taking the blinders off.