Ending Laziness

April 09, 2015

Lazy: It's the second most commonly used word by high school and college athletes to describe their generation. ("Tired" is #1)

Lack of hustle on and off the field.  Diminished aggressiveness. Failing to study properly for an exam. Lower motivation.

For a generation that is so busy, why are they so lazy?

One alarming insight into this answer has to do with their sleep.

Recently, I asked thousands of high school students what time they went to bed the previous night.  Their answers were shocking.

Over 50% reported going to bed after midnight. 

Nearly 90% said they interacted with their phone during the night.

They are sleep deprived. Chronically. They know it and feel it.

To decrease laziness, an athlete must do 2 things:

1:  Consistently go to bed earlier to get 9.2 hrs of sleep.

2:  Keep their phone far away from the bed during the night.

Test out these 2 suggestions.  The only thing to lose is laziness.