How Breathing Impacts Performance

April 20, 2017

Cold clammy hands.  Legs that feel heavy.  Butterflies in the belly.

Most athletes choke in big moments because of nervousness.

When you get nervous, blood can rush to protect your organs.

Therefore, less blood is in your arms & legs where it is needed.

To override this physiological process, slow down your breathing.

Muscles needs oxygen from blood to have faster reaction times.

This is why you tend to play better when you are relaxed.

As your breathing slows, your body takes in more oxygen to the lungs.

This oxygenated blood goes directly to the heart.

Your heart rate slows down when there is more oxygen in the blood.

The parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system then kicks in.

Circulation improves.  Hands and toes get warm again.

Breathing impacts performance.  Work on controlling your breathing today.