It is more important to be…

November 06, 2014

Success in sports can give you an inflated sense of importance. 

Since we all desire significance, this is a degree. 

Too often athletes abuse their importance by treating others poorly.

Big headed. Too cool. Ego trip. Too busy. Greater than you.

When success in sports stops, you may  regret this. 

Those who once built you up may now tear you down.  

My mentor Tim Cummings taught me a valuable life lesson in sports:

It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. 

Draw positive attention to the less popular kids. Invite teachers to your game. Mentor younger athletes. Say thank you. Hold doors.

People don't care how great you are. They care how you treat 'em. 

University of Michigan swimmer Kristyne Cole lives this out.

To what degree would people around you say you live this out?  

Be nice.