It’s about the Mortar, Not the Bricks

July 06, 2017

Success within a team depends upon the quality of interpersonal dynamics.

Too often, we focus more on developing the players than their interactions.

As a season progresses, negativity can cause a team's emotional energy to fade.

One person's toxicity on a team can derail the entire efforts of everyone else.

Yet, each toxic person often feels justified, innocent, less aware, or even loyal.

Great bricks alone don't make for a solid wall. It's the mortar that matters most.

Teams should spend time developing the positive chemistry that unites people.

Coaches and captains need to look deeper into what's really happening on a team.

While talking about tensions we have with others is not cool, it is necessary.

Clearing the air. Seeing different sides. Talking things through. Breaking tensions.

These are ingredients that can make for better mortar.

Championship teams have both great bricks and high-quality mortar.