Kindness is only for the Strong

March 30, 2017

Kindness Is Only For The Strong

Kindness within sports is not often a highly-valued trait.

In fact, it can often be view as weakness.

Some coaches and parents may even see it as an athlete being 'soft'.

The truth is, kindness is a great asset and an incredible virtue.

Kindness is only for the strong.

It takes real strength to show kindness.

It is built upon empathy, selflessness, humility, self-confidence, and worldliness.

Gandhi. Jesus. MLK. Mother Teresa. Tim Tebow. My aunt Alma. 

Mr. Miyagi even taught it to Daniel Lorusso in the iconic movie Karate Kid.

When you see kindness in sports, you applaud it because it stands out so easily.

You immediately respect that person because you know they are truly strong.