Lessons Learned at Indy 500

May 30, 2016

10 Life Lessons I Learned at the Indy 500
1.  Life is fast. You either keep up or get left behind.
2.  Life is not fair. You get unlucky. It's how you deal with it.
3.  500,000 fans couldn't be more different. Diversity is good.
4.  Yet, all fans shared a love for the USA. Be proud to live here.
5.  A rookie can win anything with some luck. Be in it to win it.
6.  Fuel consumption matters in life and racing. Pace yourself.
7.  Camaraderie among competitors matters. There is more to life.
8.  Crashing is a part of personal growth. Take self responsibility.
9.  Winning matters. But a person's character matters more.
10. Dreams & ability are ageless. If you want something, go get it.