Life is tough. So are you.

June 09, 2016

You are struggling. You are tired. You have doubts. You do your best to make it look like you've got it all together. The truth is that you feel like this world is getting the better of you. Life is tough. It's not fair. It's not all pretty posts on social media.

When you are deflated, depressed, or doubting, remember the truth.

You are tough too.

You are resilient, adaptable, persistent, courageous, strong and wise.

Think about your past and how you've overcome so much already.

Toughness isn't about invulnerability. It's about total vulnerability.

Toughness is when you emote negative feelings in a healthy way.

When you do this, you are actually getting tougher not weaker.

You got this. Keep pushing. Dig deeper. There is more in you.

Life is tough. So are you.