Pain vs Suffering

May 11, 2017


All athletes feel pain. And yes, pain hurts.

Pain, however, doesn't always have to lead to intense suffering.

Pain is a normal mechanism of neurons relaying signals of caution. These signals protect the injured body part from further harm.

Suffering is the emotional component we superimpose onto pain. 

Pain signals can get amplified when we manifest our emotional stress into those physical symptoms.   

Athletes who do a better job addressing the emotional side of a painful injury tend to have a quicker, healthier recovery.

They deal with the negative emotions. They acknowledge them, not suppress them. They talk, journal, and pray about them.  

In doing so, they experience a catharsis -  a healthy freeing of negative emotions, which lessens the suffering.

The better you do this, the faster you will heal.

All athletes feel pain.  The amount one suffers is up to them.