The Body Always Keeps Score

October 27, 2017

Aching knees. Sore back muscles. Headaches. Digestive problems. Bruises.

As an athlete, these are a normal part of the lifestyle.

Too often, enough value is not given to the rest/recovery the body needs to heal.

Sure, you can push through many physical ailments for a period of time.

But eventually, it always catches up to you in a negative way.

The body always keeps score.

Just ask any ex-athlete who is 30 years old or older. Listen to their wisdom.

Take even better care of your body today.

Ice baths. Massages. Foam rolling. Stretching. Yoga. Rest days. Sleep.

You are doing a lot to train your body, but do more to facilitate its healing too.

Know your body's score right now. 

Are you winning or losing?