Think More Like an Artist

June 22, 2017

1. Before artists begin to create, they first ponder, explore, imagine and visualize.

2. They value the long mental preparation process before the physical part begins.

3. Artists know it's about the process, not the destination. Art is rarely ever done.

4. They step back to see the big picture. They get others' opinions. They reflect.

5. Artists constantly fight off negative voices telling them it is not good enough.

6. Pleasing others is not as important as feeling pleased with their own efforts.

7. Artists encourage each other to bring forth the uniqueness that is within them.

8. Sure, they are competitive, but it is kept in a much healthier perspective.

9.  The art community takes time to really celebrate each other's work.

10.  Artists know in the end, it is about advancing the arts not themselves.