Why FOMO Matters

January 12, 2017

Travel teams. Showcases. High school teams. Camps. Clinics. Personal trainers.

Athletes have so many opportunities to develop. Perhaps at times, too many.

But we live in a sports culture that is often driven by fear. 

Fear of not making the team. Fear of not keeping up. Fear of not pleasing parents.

So, athletes try to take advantage of every opportunity presented to them.

The downside to this is that athletes are often feeling tired and overtrained.

But, they've internalized the stress, the fear and the paranoia around them.

They have FOMO, which is a well know acronym to athletes today.


On the surface, this can be a good motivator. Deep down, it is crushing athletes.

Anytime we do something in life with fear being the strongest motivator, we rarely achieve optimal performance or optimal emotional health.

You need to rethink how FOMO is impacting your decisions.

When seemingly insignificant decisions are made from a place of love, excitement, and/or gratitude, positive emotions flow and performances thrive. 

FOMO matters more than you think. Sometimes, less is more.