Workout Anxiety

February 24, 2016

Serotonin. Dopamine. Adrenalin. Norepinephrine. Endorphins.
As you workout your body releases these 'feel good' chemicals.
Your body has become dependent on getting them each day.
If you don't workout for a few days, workout anxiety can occur.
You feel irritable, moody, cranky, restless, grouchy, & frustrated.
You feel a strong need to break a sweat and!
Workout anxiety is common. It's biochemical. It's psychological.
Working out is a healthy way to treat depression/anxiety/stress. 
Yet, unaddressed psychological issues often fuel workout anxiety. 
It's time to break the vicious cycle; sports psychologists can help.  
Like a weed sometimes you need to get to the roots to eradicate it.

Working out should be a pleasure, not an obligation.